We give shit away. For free.

At free.b we host raffles every week. Just download our app and choose from a range of luxury products for the chance to win all those prizes for free.
Separately, we offer exclusive raffles for our NFT holders with more premium prizes. Keep exploring here and join the community on our socials below.

    The countdown for the first mint will take place when we reach 10k Discord members. In the mean time, here's how long 'til our second NFT giveaway on Discord (New Year's UTC).

    The App

    Users can pick up to five items from a large selection of luxury goods that changes weekly. You are then automatically entered into the raffle and we'll send you all the products that you've chosen when you win. All for free.

    We built our app with a clean UI and sleek design. No ugly ads, no fees, no catch. Just browse, pick, and win. We announce winners in-app every week and you can even catch them on our social media.

    The NFT

    We're also going to offer NFTs which act as your ticket for exclusive raffles. For those who mint on our first release, your NFTs will allow you to enter the highest tier giveaway: the diamond raffle. You'll have the chance to win cash prizes and premium items. There will only ever be 250 of these, so an NFT owner will always have a strong chance of winning. We'll be hosting these alongside the public raffles once a month.


    Diamond Mint and Beta App Release - 10k Discord Members

    250 NFTs minted. These will give access to the most exclusive raffles. The app will be released for our community for beta testing simultaneously - no waiting around.

    Platinum Mint and Public App Release - One Month Later

    After getting feedback from the beta test, we will work towards improving the app further. We'll then officially release free.b to the public on the App Store and Google Play Store. A second collection of NFTs will be minted alongside these. They won't be as exclusive as the diamond raffle, but will be limited to 500 NFTs.

    Post Official Release

    Introduce free.b to the web. Expand our presence in the crypto space. Host exclusive in-person events for our NFT holders.
    We'll work on growing our community and the free.b userbase. We'll create revenue streams without impacting the free nature of our raffles. By doing this we can start to give away bigger and better prizes.
    And, of course, we'll continue to market the shit out of it.